Day 7: Charles Darwin Research Station

Our last morning takes us to the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we visit the breeding program for the Galapagos giant tortoises, the “symbol” of the Galapagos islands, according to our guide Patricio. Established in 1965, the program sought to counteract the growing extinction of tortoises measured by the National Park Service since its inception […]

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At 7:00AM the breakfast bell rings, raising from their rooms the passengers of the Galaven Galapagos Expedition Yacht. Outside the unmistakable Pinnacle Rock juts from Bartolomé Island like an exaggerated Tower of Pisa. By 8:00AM we are zooming in a dinghy from the middle of Sullivan Bay to the black rock of Santiago Island. Charles […]


Day 5: Isla Genovesa

Day 5 of the trip marked our first full day aboard the Galaven. Our itinerary included trips to El Barranco and Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island, and also our first snorkeling opportunities. Here, we recap and reflect on the day’s experiences. MIRIAM: Day 5 began with a walking tour of El Barranco, a site on […]

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Day 4 (Part 2): Sounds of the sea

While riding over the grassy plains, one is constantly pursued by these birds [teru-tero], which appear to hate mankind, and I am sure deserve to be hated for their never-ceasing, unvaried, harsh screams. To the sportsman they are most annoying, by telling every other bird and animal of his approach: to the traveller in the […]

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Day 3: Quito

Today, we went to the Teleferico, the Jardin Botanico, and a museum of our choice. I was appointed keeper of the blog today because I study botanical gardens, so I recorded my impressions as the day went along. David from J.L. Turismo picked us up at our hotel and took us to the Teleferico. The […]

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Day 2: Cotopaxi

At 7:30AM we depart for Cotopaxi National Park. As we board our tour bus we exchange greetings with Wilson: Ecuador volcano-guide and all-around mountaineering expert. On the way out of the city we make a brief stop to stock-up on bottled water, and again to admire a cliff-side scenic view of Quito. Our destination being […]

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Day 1: Quito

On our first morning in Quito, we discover the city with our tour guide Daniel and our driver Gabriel. While the van takes us up and down the streets of the old town, Daniel tells us about his city, of which he is visibly proud. It is very long and narrow, he tells us, the […]

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